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Blog 4 Tips to a Healthy Valentine’s Day



4 Tips to a Healthy Valentine’s Day

  • by ultimateaw
  • February 11, 2015

You have New Year’s Resolutions you’re still working on, you’re doing really well sticking to a lifestyle eating plan and exercising; you feel incredible and…Valentine’s Day threatens to derail all that work.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to.  I have some tips to help you stay on track and still enjoy your loved one this 14th of February.


  1. pharmacy where you can purchase Ask for what you want. If your spouse typically gets you chocolates or sweet treats for Valentine’s, tell them that this year you would really appreciate a new workout outfit or yoga mat or a massage or a cruiser bike*; whatever will support you on your journey of health. (*10% discount if you mention Ultimate Body Boot Camp)


  1. source link Plan your menu.  A lot of couples go out to a special dinner to celebrate their love and if this is you, you can pick a restaurant that will support your enviable efforts to transform your body.  Sit down and find a restaurant that serves organic, high quality food, such as Pig & Pickle, True Food Kitchen, The Farm at South Mountain, Grassroots Kitchen, Beckett’s Table.  Then, set yourself up to succeed and preview the menu so you already know what you will and will NOT order!  Just because they serve organic food doesn’t mean that the chocolate mousse is appropriate.


  1. buy cheap generic Seroquel Rethink the custom.  When was the first time you connected Valentine’s Day with candy and chocolates?  I remember making Valentine’s cards for my classmates in kindergarten attaching the candy hearts with messages.  Not unlike other Holidays, this Holiday has become a trigger for us to justify poor food choices.  We say that it’s ok to eat the chocolate cake and drink wine because it’s Valentine’s Day, however, your body systems do not understand the concept of “holiday-justified eating” and are stressed, inflamed and disturbed significantly by poor choices.  When you have been eating clean, having a single “cheat” day or meal where you allow yourself to eat whatever you want, does not serve you.  So allow yourself to celebrate AND remain on your eating plan.  And FYI: You cannot out exercise bad food, so don’t even tell yourself that you’ll just wake up the next day and burn off what you ate; that’s a giant myth.  Just sayin’


  1. Be active together.  Exercise produces endorphins and makes you feel happy and energized AND the weather is amazing right now, so get outside and go on a hike or ride your bikes together.  Maybe plan something that you’ve never done before and explore more of Arizona and get into nature.  Go rock climbing or mountain biking or stand up paddle boarding or sky diving or hot air balloon riding!!!  Come to Ultimate Body Boot Camp for a totally free and awesome workout on Saturday at 8 AM.
    …And there’s one more activity you can both do together which will not only will help reduce stress through the production of oxytocin, but also create massive connection between you are your partner.  wink wink

Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day!



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