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Blog The Struggle Isn’t Real


The Struggle Isn’t Real

  • by ultimateaw
  • June 27, 2016

click here Have you ever had an opportunity come up where you were really scared to do it and didn’t believe you could?  I’ve been emceeing for Terrain Racing, an obstacle course race company, and I’m usually Last Obstacle of the Courseset up at the finish line where there is the final obstacle.  You have to climb up a plank of wood to then roll over a bunch of thick ropes and then climb up to slide down a pole about 12-15′ above the ground.  Not the most difficult obstacle on the course by any means, and yet people get totally stuck at the top, sitting on the ledge, literally looking at the finish line.  Fear paralyzes them in that moment and suddenly they aren’t capable of getting down and feel the need to turn around and go back.  Staring them in the face is completion, goal achieved, a win – and yet they are so scared that they would rather turn around.

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source link For you it might not be an actual physical object that stops you, maybe it’s your own beliefs or a story that you’ve been telling yourself about why you can’t do it or why it won’t work or why you aren’t deserving…STOP IT.  That’s all bullshit.

When I see someone get stuck on the obstacle, I know with absolutely CERTAINTY that I can support them in getting down.  I look them in the eyes and begin to coach them.  Once I gain their trust, and they’ve increased their belief in themselves just enough, they move forward…every single time.  It’s an incredible feeling helping someone find the strength inside themselves to conquer a big fear.  And the most amazing part of this moment is seeing them once they’re down: the smile on their face is huge, they stand taller, they ooze confidence because they just did something that 30 seconds ago they didn’t believe they could.  They just created evidence that they can do anything because they completed that obstacle.  It is a combination of these moments that help you build your self-esteem and realize your greatness.Bullshit Stories Watercolor

I challenge you to look where you are stuck and write down a list of beliefs that are contributing to holding you back.  These beliefs or programs you have might be from when you were 3 years old – and you’re letting a 3 year old run your 40 year old life!!!!!  How crazy does that sound?!

What if the struggle isn’t real?  What if there isn’t anything stopping you from having what you want except for some stories you’ve created?

It’s time to challenge some of those old beliefs so that you can have what you want.  It’s time to gather up all of those moments where you did something you thought you couldn’t.  It’s time to re-conceptualize yourself.  It’s time to make shit happen.  IT’S GO TIME!