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What If Wednesday

  • by ultimateaw
  • August 17, 2016


source site Imagine how a child learns to swim…it can be very scary to be in water and not feel safe. I’ve seen my niece Chloe come up after practicing swimming and cry because she was scared she wasn’t going to get to the surface if someone didn’t help her…Chloe Swimming

http://temeculavalleysymphony.org/about/board-of-directors/ It takes courage. You have to KNOW that your actions over time will produce the result you want, and that with continued effort, you will eventually get there. You don’t learn to swim in a moment, it is a series of many moments – a lot of practice and someone who encourages you to believe in yourself (which btw IS yourself).

A child learning to swim uses the scary times in the pool to gain confidence on how to do it differently next time – they are determined, they don’t think about it – they just do it because they’re so excited about the promise of learning to swim by themselves and that potential is BIGGER than any obstacle or learning curve.

What if you took inventory of what you actually wanted in your life. Perhaps it’s to lose 10 or 20 pounds, or to eat clean to prevent disease when you’re older, or be able to run up Camelback Mountain without being rescued by helicopter, or to see your feet again or lose the baby fat or feel happy or feel like you have a purpose that you’re fulfilling or generate 6-figures…it’s something different for everyone. And what if everyday you practiced moments of being brave and doing something that scares the shit out of you, but you know if you do this one thing over and over, you’ll eventually get what you want? What if you were laser focused on achieving the outcome that it totally changed the way you looked at the daily things you do to accomplish it? What is life got fun because it felt more like a game of “what can I create today?” What if you got what you wanted?!!! What if all it took was owning your desire and knowing that you could have it? What if all it took was committing to a certain time frame everyday to move you closer and closer to losing weight or making more money?

What are you allowing in your life so that you don’t get what you want? How can you shift that thinking or behavior to finally make your dreams come true? monster-cookies

Think like a kid…when you want a cookie, you will ask anyone and everyone until someone gives you the damn cookie – and I know you know what I’m talking about…so be that 5 year old, just a mature 5 year old that knows better then to throw tantrums.

Create this high vibration, exciting, joyous, accomplished, successful feeling inside…and I promise, 100% of the time, you will get what you ask for. It might not look exactly as you envisioned it, and yet, it will still happen.

Stop being your own road block, open those flood gates and flow…you deserve this.